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Veterinary services with years of experience


With more than 20 years of experience, the Q-Llet team of veterinarians is specialized in milk quality and improving the mammary health of cows, sheep and goats. Prevention is the key point and our way of working. We audit all the risk factors and processes that affect mastitis and milk quality and we give you solutions.


We study your case and prepare a personalized solution.

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Diagnosis of mastitis and milk quality problems, and implementation of corrective measures

The first step is to correctly identify the origin of the problem: with milk analysis, reviewing milking management, verifying milking equipment and assessing the level of hygiene of the facilities. Once the problem has been diagnosed, we define the strategy to follow and begin its implementation.

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Review of milking and milk cooling equipment

The milking machine is a fundamental piece in the production of quality milk. It is necessary for it to function correctly 365 days a year and that is why we periodically review the operation of the milking machine (static and dynamic reviews) and implement a maintenance protocol for all equipment.

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Advice on design and maintenance of facilities for animals and milking centers

The hygiene and comfort of the animals is the starting point in the prevention of udder health. We advise our clients in the design of facilities to maximize comfort, hygiene and productivity, implementing the necessary protocols for their correct maintenance.

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Training of milking personnel

“Milk is produced by cows. High-quality milk is produced by people who work with cows”


If we want to produce high-quality milk, we need qualified workers who know the importance of the tasks they perform daily. At Q-Llet we are committed to continuous training of milking staff with practical and simple audiovisual material on the importance of each step in the milking routine.

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Improvement of milk quality in both dairy sheep and goats

Teat health in small ruminants has a direct and very important impact on milk production and milk quality. At Q-Llet we have proven experience in milk quality improvement programs for both dairy sheep and goats. We verify and adjust the operation of the milking machine and carry out cleaning audits of the milking parlors. Another important area is the design of milking routines and the epidemiological management of milk control data.

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Implementation of Correct Hygiene Practice Guides

The food safety of the product is a fundamental pillar in the concept of quality. With the implementation of Correct Hygiene Practice Guides, we advise our clients to maximize product safety and adapt to current legislation.

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Genetic assessment

Achieving genetic progress is not a job that can be achieved in a single day, since there are many factors that intervene and that feed an entire data system veiled in our case, by official dairy control. Tailor-made plans are made based on the needs of the livestock and its genetic objectives.

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Training for veterinarians in Milk Quality

For all those veterinarians who wish to expand their knowledge of milk quality, and thus be able to offer new services to their clients, we offer tailored training programs. Our training is aimed at covering all those aspects that influence milk quality: milking routines, review of milking equipment, data management (individual SCR, clinical mastitis, etc.), design and maintenance of facilities…